A Guide to Hunting For an Apartment to Rent in Nairobi Kilimani

Cullinan Apartments Kilimani
By default, Kilimani is popularly known for high end apartments complete with luxurious amenities like swimming pools and private residents’ clubs.

Nairobi’s Kilimani area is one of the most sought after residences when it comes to renting an apartment in Nairobi. A one of a kind upmarket location that attracts a special segment of Nairobi’s luxury minded, the economically empowered group that can comfortably afford rental apartments in the region of at least KSH 100,000 and KSH 150,000 per month for a 2 and 3 bedroom apartment respectively.

By default, Kilimani is popularly known for high end apartments complete with luxurious amenities like swimming pools and private residents’ clubs. The stone-throw proximity to Nairobi CBD and high end malls makes the location even more attractive to tenants majority of whom love the convenience that is ever necessary for the fast urban life that is common among corporate professionals and those in demanding businesses. The undisputed fame of Kilimani means that real estate developers are constantly churning out flashy residential units, mainly apartments.

While the supply of these apartments for rent in Kilimani Nairobi rarely experiences any shortage worth mentioning, it can be a taunting task trying to move through all those flashy eye-catching apartments in the name of searching for one that will fit your taste. Sometimes the need to change your residential address is so sudden, fast and urgent that looking for the right apartment on short notice can turn out to be the most agonizing experience. You do not want to even think about the agony. You do not want to wake up at 6am on a Saturday and hope to find that apartment by 6pm. This is why this guide to hunting for an apartment to rent in Nairobi Kilimani is all you need to keep your cool and move out in peace. Let’s go.

1. What type of apartment do you want to rent in Kilimani?

You certainly have a picture of the apartment you desire to rent and call home. Maybe space is very important to you. It could be design, color etc. There are certain components that make you love or hate a house; all these make up the fine details that then crystallize into personal tastes and preferences. While at it, size is also crucial. This is mostly determined by your household’s size and future plans. A stay-a-lone bachelor with no plans to marry in the near future may not fancy too many rooms. He would easily settle for a 1 bedroom apartment in Kilimani. A small family of, say, four, would easily fall for a 2 bedroom apartment in Kilimani while a family of six would do with a 3 bedroom unit. These are some of the details you will need to think about way beforehand. Build a clear mental picture of the apartment you prefer to rent.

2. How much do you want to spend per month on rent in Kilimani?

Once you have a clear picture of the apartment you want to live in, you may want to countercheck with your pocket and find out how much you can comfortably pay per month as rent. Of course this can as well be a non-issue if the monthly rent figure is not so important to you as opposed to the nature of the apartment options on offer. However, experience has shown that it’s always important to have a rough estimate of how much monthly rent makes sense to you.

3. Advance surveys

We have consistently observed that most tenants moving to a new area never take enough time to survey the area in advance. Yet this is a core aspect of house hunting whether you are looking for an apartment in Kilimani, Lavington, Kileleshwa or indeed anywhere. Most will just pay a visit to the area during the week/day they want to move. In other words you have all along been thinking about moving to Kilimani. Then one day you wake up and drive there to look for an apartment because you must move out by end of month which is fast drawing in. This mistake means there is so much you will miss out simply because you do not have enough time to understand the area. Ever wondered why sometimes you see people move into a house this month and next month they are already planning to move out? Probably they suddenly realize the location is not that good after all, or the place is too loud at night, too quiet or even just outright boring altogether-not their type. You will avoid this sudden & permanent frustration by touring the area beforehand, way before your planned move-out date knocks. Upto to three visits are enough.

4. Short list

The advance survey above will give you a good picture of the entire Kilimani. Well, it may not be enough to know the area inside out but then you will have an idea of the larger area. Now, as you were moving around, you must have identified some parts of Kilimani that impressed you most. Which specific places did you prefer the most? Make a short list of these specific parts that you felt attracted to. These are the areas you will be comfortable renting. Have about five options with reasons for choosing them. Nearby schools, shopping malls, night clubs, good roads, serene neighbourhood etc.

5. Research

Take out your short-list and do a small research on each of the areas. Remember to also talk to friends and colleagues with good knowledge of Kilimani. Of particular importance to you should be stuff like security and amenities. Dig deeper and see what the areas have got to offer in terms of water reliability, electricity, roads, transport, schools, shopping malls etc. Areas with good proximity to Ngong road and Yaya Centre may offer the best options in terms of accessibility to major malls while places slightly inside may offer cool ambience and serene neighbourhood. Your choice wins! Scale down the short-list based on what you find from this search. Cut the list to about three alternatives.

6. Engage a reliable real estate agent
By now you know you want to rent an apartment in Nairobi Kilimani. You also know what type of apartment you want and roughly how much you are comfortable spending on monthly rent. You have narrowed down to about three parts of Kilimani that strike you as your dream residential places. Now is time to engage an expert to hold your hand and show you the right turns and corners you may never come to discover, alone. There are many professional Kilimani real estate agents who are willing to walk with you until you find the best apartment.

The importance of using a real estate agent cannot be overstated. There are some things you may never know unless you are told by an expert with absolute knowledge of the ground-the agent. We know which corner to avoid past midnight, the safest road at night, the residence with outstanding order, the cleanest, the best neighbourhood and all that. These are tiny crucial details that you will never find out on your own. So you are better off engaging a professional real estate agent who will break them down in a single sitting and set you free.

Part of the roles of the agent is to find you apartment options that fit your criteria. These apartments must be located within your short-listed options. Be sure to make it clear to the agent that you will not bother to look at options outside the restricted list you have given them. This is important because sometimes agents tend to get excited by every option that comes their way and they will always run to you, itching to show you all these classy apartments they have found. Tell them “thank you, but please show me options within my short-listed areas.”

Once your agent returns and reports that they finally have options you can look at, plan yourself out. Set a day or two to move around. If you cannot afford a full day, arrange with the agent such that you can at least find an hour or two after work or early mornings before work. It’s all about flexibility.

If you followed the rest of the steps above correctly, and you gave clear instructions to your agent, you are certain to find what you want by the time you are done viewing all that your agent has to show you. Of course we are making the assumption that the agent you engaged is reliable, know what they are doing and are willing to find you what you want, not what they think you will like. Everything must tie up together.

7. Found one? act fast
Once you find an apartment that you love, make a quick decision and act fast. The fact that you like it is simply enough evidence that someone else will come and like it as soon as you drive away. So don’t go away and remain silent for one week before you start the process of securing the unit. Good Kilimani Apartments go fast, like sweet cake! Ask the agent to verse you with the renting process and necessary documentation as well as payment requirements. True, you have freedom to move in at your own time but you cannot secure the apartment at your own time. If you like it, close in on it straight on.

Kilimani Apartments - Cullinan
Once you find an apartment that you love, make a quick decision and act fast. The fact that you like it is simply enough evidence that someone else will come and like it as soon as you drive away.

8. Create good rapport with your agent, you will need them next time!
Finally, and most house hunters forget this, is to create a healthy rapport with your real estate agent. Let them know that you appreciate their work. You may never know this, but agents (RELIABLE REAL ESTATE AGENTS) do a lot of work that may never be quantified even by the commission they get paid at the end of the deal. Majority walk or drive miles and miles trying to get you the right option. When you don’t like what you see, they go back to the drawing board and start afresh. They make numerous calls per day, all in effort to get you something that matches your desires. For this effort, the best you can do is to establish a relationship that will last. For when the need to move knocks next time, you will need them. They will just be a call closer.

There you go. Kilimani is huge. The apartments keep coming in the hundreds. Prices vary based on factors like location and amenities. Of course your personal choice will be driven by a number of these factors. But most importantly, the apartment you dream of is certainly available somewhere in Kilimani. Never sweat to find it. Hopefully this guide will make your hunt blissful. Enjoy.

Your Guide to Buying an Apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi

Cullinan furnished apartments
The Cullinan Furnished Apartments For Sale in Kilimani are different styles of 1,2 & 3 Bedroom apartments located Off Denis Pritt Road, 5 Minutes Walk to YAYA Centre and 10 Minutes Drive to City Centre.

Busy, modern, urban, yet serene. Nairobi’s Kilimani area is a top end property location in Kenya’s buzzing capital, Nairobi. Geographically Kilimani sits west of Nairobi CBD (6km), north of Adams Arcade and south of Lavington. Some of the popular roads cutting through the peripheries of prime Kilimani include Ngong Road and Dennis Pritt Road. Those cutting right through Kilimani residence include Argwings Kodhek Road, Lenana Road, Elgeyo Marakwet Road, among others.

Back in the 1950s and 60s, Kilimani was largely dotted with bungalows overlooking the wide streets of the estate. But the bungalows started disappearing during the famous 1990’s property boom which ushered in the era of tall and classy apartment blocks that have now come to officially define the modern face of Kilimani – a prime residential area known for upmarket apartments more than any other type of housing unit.

Kilimani’s real estate agents will easily tell you that if you were to stand on any coordinate at any point within Kilimani and make a 360 degrees turn, apartments are the most consistent developments you will set your eyes on. Forget offices, schools or restaurants. These Kilimani apartments are majestic, iconic and elegant, thanks to the healthy competition among the myriad of developers here working day and night to outshine each other – to the benefit of the eager buyer keen to buy an apartment in Kilimani and call it their own.

And so if you have set your eyes on Kilimani as the place to direct your hard earned money for that pricey apartment, the options are many. Whether for family or investment, the right unit is certainly waiting for you somewhere in Kilimani. From Yaya to Junction, Ole Dume to Lenana, you will always find the right apartment to buy in Kilimani.

But the challenge, often, is what it takes to find that apartment you will finally settle on buying. You will always know when you find it because it will literary bring your search to a sudden halt. It catches your attention as soon as you see it and you’ll not want to let it go, neither would you be keen on any further options. You want to buy it as soon as today. It feels good when you get what you want.

Here then is a simple guide to grant you that exact feeling.

1. Understand Kilimani
Kilimani might not be the largest or widest suburb in Nairobi, in fact it’s a very small area. But like with any other neighbourhood, you need to take time to get a clear picture of the area. It’s advisable that even before starting to bother about prices, you would rather take your sweet time and drive through the entire Kilimani. Drive through every road, every corner. See it and make sure you can actually draw a map of the area. Know it like you know your house.

The essence is to get a feel of the specific place that strikes you most as the best to buy an apartment in Kilimani. This is especially important if you are buying an apartment to use as your home. If you are buying for investment purposes, then you could mainly be concerned by factors such as demand. It’s also important though to remember that even when buying an apartment for investment, it’s wise to think long term and look at it as a potential home in the future. Anything can happen one day and that apartment will come in handy as an immediate home either for you or any of your family members.

2. Digest the prices
It’s common to see clients perplexed when they hear what price an apartment they like is currently selling at. Majority sound shocked and end up getting into arguments about how “this apartment is not worth this much”. While this is normal, it should never be the case. Unless you are feigning shock just as a strategy for bargaining and negotiating, the price of an apartment should never catch you off-guard and shock you so much to the point of imagining you are being robbed. The danger with such feelings (if real) is that they will easily discourage and derail you.

While some property owners, developers and agents have been found to try and exaggerate prices, they can only go so far. Why? Because there is valuation and as a buyer you also have a right to bring a valuer to ascertain the real market price of the property. If you are buying through mortgage, your bank will never release a coin before it values the property to verify its actual price. So there should be nothing to scare you. Even when you feel the price has been exaggerated, just know that you will shame them when the deal reaches the table. They will come from their high stools to the genuine market price.

The best way to know the general market price of a property in any given area is through professional valuers. Of course prices vary depending on the amenities in the facility, sophistication in style, immediate neighbourhood and much more. All these will be taken into account when determining the real price of the property.

3. Settle on a specific place within Kilimani
Once you digest the current estimate prices for apartments within Kilimani, the next step is to sit down and ask yourself “So, where specifically do I want to buy an apartment in Kilimani? Where do I like? Where do I afford?” Be warned though that you are likely to encounter a big puzzle here because for some reasons, the nice apartments in the excellent places you tend to like most will most likely turn out to carry the the kind of prices that will ‘frown’ against your budget:)

Let’s say what you have within reach to spend on buying an apartment in Kilimani is Ksh 15 million, for instance. Then you find this sizzling apartment that lets you forget everything for a moment and imagine it’s already yours. You picture yourself sitting on that inviting balcony on a sweet sunny Saturday afternoon, a glass of wine inches away as you catch up on world business in today’s business paper. Your otherwise “serene afternoon” is rudely interrupted when you remember to countercheck on the apartment’s price. Eeeh, what was the price again? “Ksh 25 million”, the agent showing you around reminds you!

These moments are common, and it’s all good because they are part of the buying journey. But one thing is for sure: Any place you settle on will always have something that will fit or come close to your budget amount with good room to negotiate. As long as you take time to move around and equally digest the prices thoroughly. In other words steps 1 and 2 above must be executed adequately for step 3 to succeed. You will emerge a winner!

4. Pick and complete the purchase
You have zeroed in on the specific place where you want to buy an apartment in Kilimani, you have compared several options. Now is time to pick that one apartment that stands out from the rest and comes close or fits within your budget. It’s always easy to tell when you have found what you were looking for. You suddenly get this feeling of satisfaction, calmness, inner peace. It’s the kind of feeling that leaves no doubt whatsoever that the search is over. In fact at such times, you never want to see anything else. This is what you want. Final.

When this moment comes, no one will ever push you to do anything. Instead it’s you who will push everyone around. From the owner/developer, to the agent and lawyers, you will ‘kick’ them around to get things done fast and transfer the house to your name. Whatever needs to be done from performing searches at the lands registry to bringing in the valuers, you will be at the front-line.
The details and processes will ever be involving, sometimes tedious and winding. But as long as they lead you to fulfilling your dream of buying an apartment in Kilimani Nairobi, the effort is well worth it. Follow the guide and ask questions along the way. Buy happy!